When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe: Documentary

When the Muslims (Moors) Ruled in Europe. This video is a glimpse of Al-Andalus and the contributions made by the Muslims. It’s interesting to note that modern day Spaniards are only now beginning to appreciate their Moorish history which is incredible when you consider the contributions made by the Moors, but at least the process has begun. The Spaniards were intent on hiding the Muslim History and achievements made by Muslims and Islam.

One of the reason the Islamic History is not included in the other part of the world because a lot of people don’t want to admit that Islamic science and history effected every part of the world when the Europe use to be in Dark Ages Islam brought education and a lot of science to Europe the Muslims, Christians and Jews scientists were living side by side in peace, and were advancing the sience. But when Queen took over Spain after 700 years under the rule of Muslims they persecuted every Muslim in Spain … and of course this will not be mentioned in the books.

Well about this documentary, You may say its everything to me...I just luv it :)

What all i think :
We should love our past as this documentary sketches not all but many aspects of the live, culture, civilization developed by Muslim due to their work. research in all walks of life above color, sect and religion .

This Mirror us they life a daily life the way people live
The way they use to do research
How deeply their research is used and even followed in many branches of science

Need of hour is to only keep studying/researching the we they did and make their own benchmarks and rules to follow as well our religion and Holy Quran as this is word of God and source of all knowledge and wisdom spread.

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