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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Health and Time

If i say every person is the richest person of the world who is healthy and have time the most precious ingredient of human life, Whats your opinion?
A silent message we have with every passing moment from Nature and all creatures. Time and health.
Day embraces the night and night turns into a new one full of emotions..A day, a morning or an evening... Similarly the weather and seasons, the plants and animals or organs and elements or the atoms all remain in transition.Few of them we can observe and few we can't.We need devices to observe those. Either planetary or cellular objects.
Looking around human life and obviously our life ...
The utmost variable of life: health and time ...
We can earn and learn everything but without knowledge of our health and lives.
It makes everything green around us if these two factors are with us ...
We begin and have an end with time and of course health ...

Every stage of life worth millions if we are going good with both of them. Our career, our relationships and many thing in cycle of life depends mostly on them ...
So do care your health and time because once they gone you can never make them return at any cost .


Tariq Mian said...

very nice of you.
time has no pause, it keeps running till we run out of time and persish.
However, within the duration of life-time health becomes a major challenge from day one till the final moment.

Beter live your life spending time wisely taking care of health.

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Ahsan said...

Thank you very much for visit and supportive comments .. I really appreciate it :)

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