Every man his own University

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Dated: 26th January 2012
Every man his own University
Russel H Conwell.

Book written in September 1917.

University: A place to learn universe and knowledge.

Every man his own University:
A place to learn universe and knowledge.
Human being is a creator of new universe a new world.
Abilities blessed by Almighty Allah can help a man to make his world. As he has influence on his own self. If you want to change the world why not change ur self and ur own behavior. People and other will change them selves once you ..
This world is walking under every person’s head.
Start doing good deed from ur own soul and body … And it ll be productive for you and society.
Un broken soil has no productivity of rain or water showered on it .. Observation is knowledge.
Sunty hain per samjhty hain sommun bukmum oum yun fahum la yarjioun:
try not to close eyes from around ..
Observation is all you have got …
Observe deeply throughout career is our motto.
same goes/formula for life society and culture and every thing.
james watt invented steam engine by observation … a healthy observation:
any invention comes from deep observation and convert to product.
Falling apple by Eisec Newton and devise the law of gravity
All of us blessed with this power but few use it
master the power of observation.
All books are record of authors observation.
Telescope and microscope and short term and long term observation … Your observation shd have both long and short term planning and execute them …
Here and hereafter planning.
A company and person need to focus on both long ans short term policies and planning.
A degree by university of observation or self education is everything.
Which university gone through :
Ibrahim Lincon, thomas etc and Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and divine leader are educated themselves.
Born as poor but died rich by self help and self learn …
Neccesity is mother of invention .
The people belong to middle or lower put struggles and upper class passes away doing nothing.
We hav alot of aspiration but exert little perspiration
aspiration and prepiration carries a man to highest of success.
No short cuts take a long turn and go for legtimate means for life.
Self helf is different from selfishness.
A man may not be successfull always in worldy terms.
Success is to become role model for others to follow, as success is blessed by Almighty Allah
a greater cause is more success than personal one.
Your objective should be greater thn your own personal objective.
Environment will make and break you. Parent society and school and society will groom you.
The supreme end of each mans life is to take care of his garden..
Biggest immorality is to waste your life for nothing
human mind is like parasuite* if you use it it will produce more.
Spirit of self reliance is root of all genuine growth.
Looking for outside may be helpful but wastefull for you in actual.
Self reliance is an architect of circumstances.
There is no good luck and bad luck.
If we strieve and helf us can achieve all we want.
A nation is worth just the individuals of that nation are worth.
Charachter of a nation is average of the charachter of its people
leadership comes from us.
Aid a person to help himself. And skill him to learn something other thn helping for a short term like money. put that person in a managed firm or put a good effort.
Paradise is not for khawishat e nafaas person. Meri marzi mera mood we become slave of our own self … We need to control these desires and use them in a regualated way.
Individual charachter will guarntee to national progress.
You need to strech the arms to acheieve everything.
Flag of freedom cn not float over a nation of dead heads.
Individuals are perfected by not only reading but your work.
Hardworks transforms your ideas.
Only knowledge is not power but to apply the knowledge in a regualted way.
Life is divine when duty is a joy.
Get pleasure from your work to excel and pursue and put all hardwork you have to.
Power of character and power of knowledge shapes from observation.
Best education is to give education to yourself.
University teaches us how to learn. After university you can learn every profession.
Khud perho to excel.
Friendship with people who has knowledge.
Hands and head are partners then defeat and failure will never comes your way.
Valueable people are those whose hands and heads are partners.
With these you can achieve quantity with quality.
Leisure:we have always more leisure time than work.(dnt blame and have excuses you dnt have time for leisure)
one cn be judge yrself by ur leisure time. Use your leisure time.
Give your work to busiest person to do a job he will make time for it.
Spent your leisure time productivily.
Thoughtfulness and self made is keys of success:
self dicipline and self culture and we need to educate ourself.
Kamyab ho gya wo shaks jo apna tazkia e nafas kerta rha vice versa.
Self respect to our self hence forth respecting others.
Self conscious
self accountability
seld determination
self balance
self restraints.
Apnay aamaal ka hisab khud krain ager ap kamyab hona chahty hain.
Dont let your past to drive your future. Change you present to make your future.
optimist person sees possibilities in worst. And hope for best.
Allah ki naimat sy Muslmaan kabi naumeed nahi hota …
Akhrat ki success nazar nahi ati jab k dunia ki sucess nazar ati hy is lia insaan jo nazar ata hy us py yakeen krta hy … So its our defination.
Environment tweaking with optimisstic people/team will bring positive chnages. With behaviour.
Leader will take ur team up with optimissm.
Physicall energy prportional to mental energy*
Sports and jogging or people with sports activity have good moods and have success in life. Exercise will bring positive changes in your life. 

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