Pakistan Media Backed by USAID a Disaster

Pakistan Electronic Media Backed by USAID/Sates/America/lobbies/Agencies is a disaster. So review it what you are watching all day on Media. So better to speak where you have the liberty to speak its Internet and Social Media. Though its also limited but not in their hands all times. So share and do speak what you have and do not be a puppet and dummy and a machine life. Speak out and spread the Truth. So how they controlled West and their own counties and people then why not Pakistan. We all know but we do not speak is the level of Emaan we have left with. Its never ending debate but still decide where you want to be. And we are accountable of our action even what we share all day thats all they want us to do eat/wear/share/speak/like/dislike/hangout/Family/Events/Traditions/Culture/Education and a lot. Represent us with our colors and our colors can never be place we live but Faith we have. Islam.

If we talk about society and culture of Pakistan and specially people on media electronic media all are going against Islam Teaching Honestly. Though people may feel offended but I m part of this culture too. Like the way we dress up and we represent our culture through media and normal life . Israel follow what their Faith teach them but unfortunately we do not. We are far away from teaching and commandments of Islam. We may kiss sometimes Quran but we will not act on it. We fear from people and world but we do not fear from Allah Almighty. We are by born Muslim but not by faith and selection. Our names are Muslim but our actions are far away. Anyways I just wana write so do not get offended whatever all believes.  Media is home of falsehood and all channels propagating it under a propaganda. Why Muslims are so simple they can never understand any thing. and following a rejected life style blindly either of East or west. Islam is code of conduct and a Rule of Allah Almighty to follow. Kindly share positive and workout to propagate good and share positive.

And how its working in world: This way as Japan is speaking to world the lobbies and professional lairs and trained machines called professionals even part of media any way singers, showbiz, professional, products, models and ICONs and Hallmarks all are part of this dilemma and discrepancy of falsehood.

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