Russia continues to support the Regime

Russia continues to support the regime: Russia warned that it would not cooperate with European Union sanctions requiring EU governments to search vessels suspected of carrying weapons into Syria, a defiant stance that is likely to spark anger in the West and a clear indication that Russia shall continue to ship arms to the Syrian regime.
The regime escalates the scale of violence with fighter jets and the threat of using chemical weapons: The Syrian regime shifted its tactics this week when it began using MIG fighter jets on civilian areas and threatened to use chemical weapons against any potential foreign military intervention. This shift indicates the regime’s determination that it must use all weapons at its disposal to wipe out the rebels, who continue to gain ground, hold territory and seize key border crossings. The escalation of the fighting is expected to lead to more damage and casualties.

Russia and China must pay a price for helping Assad... The world will see

They are fighting to capture resources either OIL or any thing. They cant see human killing and atrocities done for the name of resources or for the name of peace any where on earth. They may wage war on any territory without any trouble and name it anything they want. Nuclear/World Powers are playing as a stronger play with weaker. But above all Allah is Best Planner of all and human cant run away once their fate is decided. And obviously one has to pay the wages of killing on earth of any human being belong to any religion and living on any standard of life.

Every one stands on others back and fulfilling/achieving his own aim/goals strategic/military/economic like China/States/Russia were and still behind Pakistan. and still working against many Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Still its seems a war of resources but above 95% target is Muslims and still they call us Berbers/terrorist/fundamentalist.

Honestly speaking don't bother to look at media we need to start for us. you can sit on Google and in an hour you will find the owners of all media channels and that will make you clear why they should work for our cause are we paying them or they will do all volunteer for us.

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