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In Pakistan around 50 Million children are under 17 years of age and out of which about 4.2 Million are orphans. Due to natural catastrophe, numbers of orphans has recently increased considerably therefore, society as a whole has to come forward to provide shelter and support to these helpless children.
In line with its mission to serve the humanity Al-Khidmat Foundation is launching Al-Khidmat Orphan Care Program (AOCP) to extend assistance to these parentless children in form of Education, Health, Food and counseling irrespective of caste, color creed and religion at their doorstep.
To patronize the vulnerable orphans throughout the country and see them to grow up as good citizens and useful members of the society, leading a contended, dignified, healthy, happy and prosperous life.
Our Mission is to dedicate our efforts, expertise and resources to facilitate the vulnerable orphans in terms of education, subsistence, health care and psycho social/ moral uplifting by setting up Orphanages and through financial/ moral support under Orphan Family Support Program at their door step.
We envisage a way of achieving our Vision through a comprehensive orphan support program throughout the country under an umbrella of Al-Khidmat Orphan Care Program (AOCP).
Our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
"I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise together like this..." - then he raised his forefinger and middle finger together.
(Hadith Bukhari).
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Head Office:
711, Block J - 2, Johar Town, Lahore – Pakistan
Ph: +92-42-3595 7260
Fax: +92-42-3595 7261


Al-khidmat Blood Bank at Al-Khidmat Hospital, Nazimabad, Karachi. A project of Al-Khidmat Welfare Society, Karachi.

From Media معروف اینکر مبشر لقمان کے پروگرام کھرا سچ

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AL-kHIDMAT Tamir-e-Millat School Balakot


Appeal for the victims of Rains & Flash Flood in Pakistan (2012)


Al-Khidmat Volunteer Workshop


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"بچے کی دعا"

 الخدمت جندر پن چکی


Al-Khidmat Water project (Gadap Town Karachi)



Water is critical to nourishing and fostering life. One in two people in developing countries cannot access clean water, and hundreds die every day due to illnesses related to contaminated water. Every day, diarrhea diseases from easily preventable causes claim the lives of approximately 5000 people, most of them young children. According to a survey, 70% population of Pakistan is deprived of cleaned drinking water.
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is working on continuing basis to supply clean water in NWFP, Kashmir, Tharparkar (Sindh) and Balochistan. To provide cleaned water, Alkhidmat Foundation has also decided to fix filtration plants in all populated cities of the country.
To provide pure, safe and clean drinking water to general public at affordable cost.
Main Features:
Filtered, Safe and hygenic water.
Ten plants in each districts of Pakistan. (113 destrics)
General Public (specially poor public)
Project Cost
1.5 Million Our water services are following: 1- Water wells 2- Water Tanks 3- Hand pumps 4- Water Filtration Plants. 

Al-Khidmat IDP's Documentary 


Al-Khidmat Relief for Flood


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