Animals with Humanity

What happened to human kind they do look colors, origins, faiths, languages and politics why they are less in humanity. Mercy and compassion and forbearance and patience and understanding. If we are short of emotions we are suppose to look around in nature how all other creatures living in harmony with each other and live for others. Equality, Justice, Patience and so many other qualities. Living for others is a very basic lesson we may learn from Nature and surroundings and above all languages and emotions humanity is the only thing one could last or stay with. We should try to be human with humanity or at least we may learn this from animals,birds or plants or any other living specie. God bless all to live in Peace and with Justice :)

World we are living is the exact time we witness all happening and occurrence of events and revolutions. Before going to talk about politics or touching it anyways first i need to hit the Media and channels are watching all time or in a way part of them.

We are like other creatures :Witness of our times in which God sent us down to earth to live in.
We being Human very responsible but right now it seems we are bit so busy in our daily lives and left with no time for others and if someone struggling with rights of others we may easily say or shout or name it as part of delusion or conspiracy or any word like paid.
Secondly we may happy to follow the same fashion as our media let us know to live the life as it was always or every since before going on and is suppose to go in that fashion.

For example take Cartoons or Dramas or Movies or Ads or in a way unfolded way Animals are shown as with emotions or with human feelings and need to be cared and need our attention or even like Robot industry or anything but not human seems full of emotions.

A very gradual approach to remove the humanity, feelings and emotions and humanly feelings from us. A very systematic approach. On contrary you will see women as part of any ad as its not human or no more human just a way to be represented with a product. Similarly Smoking being invented and spread in a very slow and systematic way.

There is a huge a list of such matters to be addressed and to be shared and to let others know. Even religions are badly effected with intrusions with passage of time.

Right now we are very easy to walk with a lie its seems or its a way :
Our question and arguments are also like:
How are you ?
Hows job going on ?
What design you have or pay ?
Which company you are working with?
Where from you are buying cloths or where from you do shop or what brand you like?
Similarly all living necessities and accessories and luxuries ...
What school your kids are in ?
What hospital you admitted the person who was having that disease ?
What hair color?
What medicine and what group?
What car ?
What shoes brand ?

Like its a long list of question and you could see there is no humanity involved :)

Like question could be:

Hows your life and faith? or may be faith should be very first or your health ? or like do you want me to help you in that matter ? or like will you please let me walk with you or take or share your burden with you ?
Like will you please let me guide you on that way ?
Similarly within families and social circles and societies: We have ways optimistic and pessimistic: We have objectives too like Right way and wrong way and with making other aware or helping in way to lead to right and correct way. But its seems like why would i do that or why I am suppose to help ?

Why me or try me : Or you could learn it all from Nature you live in :) like even earth never shouted on sky to bring clouds to have rains and fill the water and fill the rivers and sees and help plants to grow as well human to drink water as well use it every where ;)

Well another thing is when you reach somewhere you are not without a reason :)

Another point as we are not the creator of us so why we question to ourself or others that who is ugly or good looking or having this or that ? We are not the really judge in any possible way.

Similarly there is a lot more been taken away from us and all could be wind up in a single word that is Humanity

Its my opinions and observations: You may have a difference of opinion:

We have been taught by media in decades that your only concern is the person you have means You and your life: The person very next to you have nothing to do with you : Okay its correct but if the person next to you is heading to danger you are suppose to sometimes stop him/her or you may have words with too. But who have that much time as all are very busy in own likes and dailies and chores : long story short after few decades you are heading to loneliness like individuals whose only concern to fill their bodies like a robot or a machine who need few volts and watts to be functional. Human desires and need are parts of living but A human everything is not only in those two words stated above. There is a lot more very similar is expected as from all other creatures along with us in this universe.

Media will feeds us by ways possible that animals are more human with emotions and humanity and humans been shown as products.

Self Respect
Gender Oriented
like all those qualities a human is suppose to have will be in long run, removed and we have pile of things but so hollow for emotions when a person in front of us in need. A very harsh truth that that person is not the reason of that state mostly. There is always a truth behind a conspiracy. People know politics and ethics and have I will say pile of Degrees and Philosophies and literature on all local or international levels. But As a very poor observer we will hardly find 1% raising voice for humanity and if still few are doing rather we appreciate or support them with the truth for those in need we may object it due to any know or unknown reason.

There is another understanding like:

A good deed or a bad deed: We do or another person do to us. In long or short run Good deed come back to the doer with goodness and bad deed comes to the doer with badness.
Its a very well known phenomenon.

Similarly Faith make our life easy in ways and ups and downs: Every happening and occurrence of events and tragedy and disaster as well happiness all are from GOD. We may have a pain for a while but when we have an understanding of the faith. We will not see to people while in very odd of times even but we see directly to Creator.

A very sure of occasions is death. Every soul have to meet the Creator and have to answer all deeds good or bad those are written in A BOOK of Records. As telecom company/operator have your CDR and as well the voice calls recorded for a short term similarly our life and every event and all words we say or speak or thought what we imagine are recorded for eversince. as God is not short of resources as God is creator of all existence and non existence. we can see or not and all creatures .

When we come to earth to live this life and throughout our life we like our body parts are witness of our deeds.

We need to make an understanding as the world we are living in have many ways to be looked at. Like the way media showing you to live and find the happy ending or the way a preacher make you understand and another way that a person who is talking to you have way to show you the world and another last one the way you see the whole world with understanding given to you by GOD in HIS Scriptures.

We need to understand that all event you like to see, feel and enjoy are given to you and select and elect on the wisdom you are blessed with and the soul is living inside you and eyes are windows to see the world around you dwell in. 

Least but not lost we should have qualities like Humans not what we have been shown or said by all possible media from childhood and youth and old-ages. Its Really we who decide and write our fate with our own actions.

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