Definition of Happiness

This media will teach us undercover of programs that human being happiness is a new technology and a new piece of cloth or jewel of world and a new connection and palace and to score a goal or putting your opponent down or scoring and touching peak or sky diving and shocking dresses,kits,shoes,products,games etc and hence a huge list of desires a human can do ... Basically they are making us think that this is called a desire like things. And this life we are living is nothing but desires in every moment we should live it live and fully like this is the only norm you will hear as its going on from decades of decades.
We laugh on zombies and clones apparently but we never analyze the life we are living is the one we laugh in a movie.

This life the temporary one is a very beautiful delusion of all illusion being spread and being taught.
According to Islam this life is the time or the gap between Azaan(Call for Prayer) and Namaz/Prayer congregation.

Years of years we follow people and things and all return us with nothing.
We name them so many things and terms like:
A love
A relationship
An achievement
A success
A goal
 A destination
A history sometimes
 But Honestly unless we define it well all went in vain straightaway the restless struggle of all life and what result we get.
This life is not worth loving but worth everything once one understand it well. Why a being a person been sent on earth and how long he gonna live and how many people he/she gonna meet. But all written called fate. We make the difference when we start knowing it and we always believe and have to that:
Its never late. Now or never.
We have to get the track the right one and Above all our all relationship and decision are and should be only for the sake of Almighty Allah. This is the only reality we have to make it clear now or a decade later or more than that time. But when we know it things become so easier to understand and pile of work and issue UN-settled get resolved because Now you have not a person or goal of your own but You are working for Allah Almighty and when He help you. One do not need any helping hand.

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