Where is our Humanity ?

Needless to say, the recent events regarding the video of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have morbidly sickened me.
I see nuisance, violence and provocation and all the behaviors that
surround the event and it disgusts me.
 As a Muslim, I am deeply insulted and offended by the video that was made. As a fellow human being at the same time, it dismays me to see how inconsiderately it was done, how action wasn't taken against it, and how how my fellow Muslims acted so violently, harming people who weren't the perpetrators of the highly disrespectful and uncouth action.

Where is the love? Where is humanity when we need a civilized manner to settle issues? Why does the rant for freedom of speech arise so violently when our beloved and respected Prophet is ridiculed, and then they tell us that it's our choice to be offended while someone ridicules our religion and Prophet? Where is our freedom to maintain our self respect? Does this 'freedom of speech' or rather ABUSE, nullify verbal restraining orders?

I was glad to know that some people like +Kelvin Williams  held the same opinion-

"I refuse to link to the video or call it's creator by name, but this is by far the worst thing I've ever seen.  How would all of the Christians who are commenting so hatefully feel if someone made a video about Jesus this way?

Imbecilic fools don't even realize the Qu'ran actually holds venerates Jesus, while the Jews still consider him a fraud.

My God save us from your followers.

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"Have you ever seen Muslims making videos/songs ridiculing other religions? Exactly. It's called class and respect. #baninnocenceofmuslims

Beaten, ridiculed, and forced to leave his hometown! When he returned back victoriously he forgave them all. #MyProphetMuhammadPBUH   "

Let's stand together in unity, no matter wherever we're from
Let's respect each other and our beliefs

And Please Put A Stop To This Barbaric And Nonsensical Attitude



In Pakistan Protest:


LAHORE, Sep. 14: Thousands of people came on roads on Friday, to protest against the presentation of a blasphemous film in the US , on an appeal made by the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Syed Munawar Hasan and other political and religious parties.
            Protest rallies and demonstrations were held in big and small cities and towns
and the speakers denounced the anti Islam policies and propaganda by the US and the West. They also stressed upon the Muslim Ummah to rise for foiling the nefarious designs of the enemy.
            In Karachi, the protest rally was staged from the Matriculation Board Office up to the Karachi Press Club. Ameer, JI, Syed Munawar Hasan and JI Karachi chief, Muhammad Husain Mehnati, led the rally.
            Addressing the rally, Syed Munawar Hasan said that the blasphemous film was the worst form of religious terrorism against Islam and the Muslims and the mischievous Zionist mind was behind the move. He said the US had challenged the Muslims once again by hurting their sentiments and attacking the Prophet of Islam, the centre of the Muslims love. He said that the Muslim rulers supporting the US policies also stood with the Americans.
            In the Punjab capital, the protest rally started from the JI office, Lytton Road and marched up to the Lahore Press Club. The JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, addressing the rally, called upon the US government to arrest blasphemer Terry Jones and award him a deterrent punishment, or hand him over to some Islam country for trial.
            He said that Terry Jones had been committing crime against the Muslims and the Muslims had the right to demand him from the US in the way the US had got CIA agent Raymond Davis released and was now demanding the release of Dr. Shakil Afridi.          The JI leader also called for an apology by the US on this score failing which the world would become insecure for the Americans. He also urged the Pakistani Christians and their Priests to join the Muslims in the condemnation of the blasphemous film.
            JI deputy SG, Hafiz Sajid Anwar, in his Friday address at the Mansoora mosque, said that unless the blasphemers were brought to the book by the US, or they were handed over to the Muslims, the protest would continue. 
            In the Khyber P. protest rallies were staged in Peshawar and other towns. JI provincial chief, Prof. Ibrahim Khan, said that the Zionists wanted to plunge the entire world in the flames of war and the peace loving people must rise against their plans.

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