What Does Matters for us

Was sitting in a hospital,
People with sad faces and ill but still so hopeful for getting healthy and gay face.
I was thinking like does that matters the color or skin or how perfect we are or intellectual we are? No nothing matters. Even we always looking for a perfect face with perfect features but our harmony with the soul comes first. Like you will feel in comfort with very few friends even they do not get perfect or even wealthy but they world of inner self is far away from the world of perfection and even imagination and fantasy. All our life we kept on merging both but we never get a remedy for it and when nothing left we keep on fixing all we did to our self and others.
Try not to suppress worldly perfections to the inner world you have. And neither be fanatic stay on ground and still your heart will feel and beat and you can still breath and still you can have the people who make your life so beautiful charming and worth living.
All you need to remove the dust of times that clutter your inner-self.
God says only matters how much a person is close to me and when you are going to love something or a person it should be due to me so none of us follow it and still being a believer believe that this life will be blessed one with the one we loved due to any future. But only matters when you believe on divine and word of Allah Almighty. There is no doubt in Holy Quran so lets begin with the Way it want us to follow.
At least change the way you think your life as well for people and try to change the way you think. Things can never change without any actions or without any change as even turning on a light we need an effort and to change. We have to put a little effort with faith.

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