Protocol for every human being

Protocols should not only for government officials but for all walks of people.
On government level nominate and acknowledge people with worth those who are performing valuable work for health,education and humanity and bringing improvement in society by means possible.
Media and government and people have to start changing the way they live and think and present to public. Inside and outside should be same and we have to workout to make them identical.
Many actions are actually reactions of few actions. To get some attention or to get fame or to get rid of some comments someone have to face daily. Sometimes a society makes standards and people follow them blindly either named as status or honor etc.
TV stations can put any advertisement on any channel without gagging the impact on a society or viewers. PEMRA should play role and should have courage to perform measures and reforms. We do not make the words of actions to perform in reality in all department of a system.
This is Era of bloodshed and if we look around we will see a terrible lost of human life. The only reason is to capture the resources of a country/territory anyways possible. A common person or a person part of lower middle class in developing country is under huge psychological and economic pressure as well the country itself. Leadership of these countries is not capable enough to have a way out of this bigger game to take these countries to boom.
All times a ruler or a person in power have a dream to keep his governess for as long as possible above the justification of his rule and how well he ruled on the people of that land in his arena.

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