Rohingya: #Rohingya: Final Wipe Out?

The only thing matter to us is Humanity, and stop this genocide and killing so we should raise our voice with all supporting the cause.

O Allah Help us and wake the wealthy and wise Muslims and People with Faith(Emaan) to let them help the world. And help us awake the one good being and may be rest awake themselves. O God raise the people from us and make us strong enough to help the needy in all times

Its not about who is who but its about us. What we are doing is more important than what others doing. We have to answer for us and they have for them. Kindly do your part well and being a good being and good Muslim we should left all to ALLAH as ALLAH knows the best and ALLAH is all knowledge and information. ALLAH is start and ALLAH is end. and Honestly our struggle starts from us for Humanity and all good causes.

Only 97 Signed the petition
Dear all brothers and sisters let us not worry who is who and what is what. Raise your voice or send a boat or rescue the people by any means possibles. If few are sleeping or few our short of resources You can at-least raise your voices as there is a very clear line between right and wrong and distinction and difference. So Please raise your voice so other day someone can raise for you or us. Its not about USA or UN but its about Humanity. If we saved one Human-being we will save all humanity.

Rohingya Muslims from the state of Arakan in Burma.

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Since October 21, organized mobs of Rakhine Buddhist extremist headed by fanatic monks declare campaign to wipe out ethnic Rohingya Muslim from their ancestral land of Minbya, Mrauk-U, Pauktaw, kyaukphy and other part of Burma.The local, state and national government of U Thein Sein are supporting crime against humanity to achieve their dream of Muslim free Arakan and Burma.

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Kindly sign this petition and do share to all

Free Rohingya Campaign

Since October 21, organized mobs of Rakhine Buddhist extremist headed by fanatic monks declare campaign to wipe out ethnic Rohingya Muslim from their ancestral land of Minbya, Mrauk-U, Pauktaw, kyaukphy and other part of Burma.The local, state and national government of U Thein Sein are supporting crime against humanity to achieve their dream of Muslim free Arakan and Burma.

Many innocent Rohingya Muslim lives and properties in danger due to systematic preplanned process of ethnic cleansing in Arakan Burma. United States and World and all Muslims have moral responsibility to save the lives of innocent people from the inhumane cruelty by the majority Buddhist towards minority Rohingya.United States must send clear signal to Buddhist religious extremist as well as government that USA will never tolerate ethnic cleansing and genocide in Burma.
USA must initiate sending UN peace keeping forces since Majority of Buddhist population and President of Burma are openly asking to expel Rohingya minority out of their ancestral land of Arakan Burma. Without international peace keeping force, more than 1.5 million Rohingya population will be extinct very soon due to mob attack, starvation, physical, psychological, emotional suffering from various kinds of abuses by security forces.


  • Min Thit
    Mandalay, Myanmar
    12 minutes ago 
    It is heading to civil war in Myanmar.
  • Nurul Islam
    Chittagong, Bangladesh
    about 1 hour ago 
    To enable surviving Rohingyas from the hands of Rakhines and Myanmar security forces
  • jitka pekarkova
    Prague, Czech Republic
    about 10 hours ago 
    I support only peaceful ways and measures, and more likely by the UN, like the UNHCR, not U.S. separately. This must not be misused for the Western interests.
  • mohammad anwar
    jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    about 10 hours ago 
    because myanmar goverment and rakhine goverment are state terrorism.please peace loving people around world save myanmar muslims from massacre.
  • iris ledesma
    mar del plata, Argentina
    about 11 hours ago 
    por la cruel injusticia que viola los derechos y sostiene los silencios..
  • Anowar Chowdhury
    Doha, Qatar
    about 12 hours ago 
    I do not support any type of killing of an religion
  • syed rashid akhtar
    doha, Qatar
    about 13 hours ago 
    its a matter of muslims being harassed.
  • Tipu Sultan
    Taxila, Pakistan
    about 14 hours ago 
    Killing a human being is killing of all humanity. So have dare to speak against the oppressor is sign of faith. so speak on all floors and Truth have to win and light have to come.
  • fizza ahmad
    lahore, Pakistan
    about 14 hours ago 
    its our duty that's why
  • adeel qureshi
    karachi, Pakistan
    about 15 hours ago 
    ethnic killing should be stopped :(
  • mohammed rezuwan
    ansan, Korea, Republic of
    about 15 hours ago 
    stop rohingya ethnic cleansing in myanmar
  • Kamal Koldounn
    Paris, France
    about 16 hours ago 
    Confessional freedom is one of The fondamental human rigths
  • Ahsan Khan
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    about 16 hours ago 
    Humanity, Atrocities and bloodshed should be stop immediately against Muslims.
  • ali sadeghi
    Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
    about 16 hours ago 
    United terrorist states of america behind all of these crimes. İts obvipus from their censored media.
  • ahmet paksoy
    Nif, Turkey
    about 17 hours ago 
    Not US but UN must take action against it. US is perpetrator of this crime. US gave green light for massacre after normalizing ties with Myanmar gov.
  • Paul Deakin
    Douglas, Isle of Man
    about 17 hours ago 
    This is state supported genocide
  • Laila Isti Qomah
    Palangkaraya, Indonesia
    about 17 hours ago 
    Everyone has right to live and to hold their religion according to what they believe. No one can take peoples' right.
  • Ahmed Alaraibi
    Brisbane, Australia
    about 17 hours ago 
    Deadly massacres and signs of genocide that is committed against the Rohingya ethnic in Burma. INITIATE SENDING UN PEACE KEEPING FORCE!
  • Need Justice
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    about 17 hours ago 
    Killing 100 people in one day is not humanity ! When you can speak against terrorism than why #UN #USA is silent here? You should speak about 'INNOCENT' people who are getting killed.
  • William Jones
    Carmarthen, United Kingdom
    about 17 hours ago 
    The world must intervene to stop the killing of the rohingya
  • Ibrahim Mohammad
    Mikkeli, Finland
    about 17 hours ago 
    Because I'm an Rohingya. Brmeses gov and Rakhine are killing and burnning Rohingya's villages. stop mass killing. UN should immediate peace keeping troops.
  • Rachel Belward
    York, United Kingdom
    about 17 hours ago 
    "Never again" has to mean something.
  • abdul munaf
    about 20 hours ago 
    solve rohingyas problem.
    seoul, Korea, Republic of
    about 22 hours ago 
    save rohingya by UN
  • shawkhin yunus
    medan, Indonesia
    about 23 hours ago 
    i agree to send UNHCR peace keeping force to arkan state in myanmar
  • mohammed ishaque
    seoul, Korea, Republic of
    about 23 hours ago 
    urgent need un force to save rohingya.
  • Mayu Khin
    Yangon, Myanmar
    1 day ago 
    Help the Rohingya, save the Rohingya, please, please, please.
  • Maaung Hla Abu bakar
    yango, Myanmar
    1 day ago 
    Please send UN forces to Arakan to save Rohingya.
  • Nouman Abulkasim
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    1 day ago 
    i need urgent UN Security force to send in Arakan state to save Rohingya Muslim.
  • Mr Annawarr Husein
    Yangon, Myanmar
    1 day ago 
    Urgent help our Rohingya Muslims , please. We are humans. Save us .
  • Dr Kyaw Zeyar Win
    Yangon, Myanmar
    1 day ago 
    Because I'm Rohingya as well as human.The only reason for such ethnic cleaning on Rohingya is "We are Muslims" . We almost ran out of our voices by asking help. If no action was taken to stop this ethnic cleansing, all our people would have disappeared from Arakan sooner or later.
  • mohammad anwar
    jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    1 day ago 
    for human right
    because there are a lot of rohingya muslims killing by rakhine terrorist and myanmar state terrorism.please help minority muslims in myanmar.myanmar government is like animals.please please please help muslims
  • mohammad anwar
    jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    1 day ago 
    rohingya is my life
  • Nora Rowley
    La Grange, IL
    1 day ago 
    Save lives and bring peace to long persecuted and abused fellow human brings
  • Yasmine Ara
    London, United Kingdom
    1 day ago 
    Because I'm rohingya as well as human. We almost ran out of our voices by asking help. If no action was taken to stop this ethnic cleansing, all our people would have disappeared from Arakan sooner or later.
  • Sazaat Ahammed
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    1 day ago 
    Human Rights is for everyone in everywhere. Such inhumane cruelty must not be tolerated! In 21st century State Organized ethnic cleansing must not be tolerated! UN says Rohingya the most persecuted group on this Earth! President Thein Sein said " Rohingya must be excluded or put in the camp under the coaching of UNHCR. Is this not enough evidence to stop Burmese authorities from Cleansing/Genociding an ethnic group? The question is who will take this step? A> Only US together with EU. Every human-being has obligation to stop this cruelty, but not everyone has the same power. Thus, the world leading countries in all, particularly in Human Rights; United State of America and The European Union can stop, should stop and must stop for the sake of the word "Human Rights". Otherwise the USA and EU made "Word" "Human Rights" will regret forever.
  • Chetan Patel
    Forest Hills, NY
    1 day ago 
    Government is responsible for protecting rights of minority in any country. In case of Burma, Rohingya are being prosecuted and driven away from their home while Burmese government stands by idly, which is unacceptable.
  • Muhammad Iqbal
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    1 day ago 
    to save Rohingya's life and properties!
  • Asma Jaan
    Waterloo, Canada
    1 day ago 
    Ethics live with respect to the rightness and wrongness of the choices humans make. this people are living 1000 of year they should live with respect.
  • David Ullathorne
    Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
    1 day ago 
    Many innocent Rohingya Muslim lives and properties in danger due to systematic preplanned process of ethnic cleansing in Arakan state, Burma
  • Feraya Ullathorne
    Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
    2 days ago 
    The Burma military regime has gone too far already. We must do whatever we can to stop the extremely horrendous human rights crimes against the Rohingya who are helpless victims of the barbaric Burmese government and the wild Rakine nationalistic extremists.
  • Misrah Abu
    Portland, OR
    2 days ago 
    lives of people
  • maung maung
    2 days ago 
    Stop ethnic cleansing
  • Abdul Jarbar
    Portland, OR
    2 days ago 
    Stop Genocide
  • Nur Hasim
    Kitchener, Canada
    2 days ago 
    To save the Rohingya muslim minority in Myanmar
  • ismail ansari
    Makkah, Saudi Arabia
    2 days ago 
    stop Rohinyga ethnic cleansing
  • Aziz Nur
    Kitchener, Canada
    2 days ago 
    As they are human beings.
  • Kaladan Press Network
    Chittagong, Bangladesh
    3 days ago 
    to rise the issue to international to save the lives of Burmese Muslim ( Rohingya)
  • yusuf Iqbal
    3 days ago 
    Stop religious persecution
  • Free Rohingya Campaign
    New York, NY

    Human Right


Rohingya: Final Wipe Out?

News is breaking of another clearance of the Rohingya Muslims from the state of Arakan in Burma. This could be worse than the last if urgent action is not taken. They have been given until 25th October to get out of their homes or face violence, but burnings of homes and killings have already begun. I have gathered all the news I could find on this here. Please let your governments and media outlets know this is a tragedy happening NOW. (this page will be updated as new links are found on this crisis)

25th Oct

Kyauk Pru Refugee(25-10-2012)





As the racist maugs walking around with sticks and weapons, villages burnt to ashes

Please see @Aungaungsittwe and for more recent images from Burma

Burma Massacre Fears: Reports of Phase II Expulsion of Unwanted Rohingya

Two Rohingya callers report. 90 herded into boat then men shot women raped. 1000 fled into mountains around Sittwe.

Kyaukpyu’s Muslim Quarter Razed to the Ground

Noone left in Muslim quarter. All heading to Sittwe in boats, or killed, with weapons such as machetes. Eleven admitted to hospital.


Students call for removal of Rohingya villages

More than 800 students joined a rally to call for an end to “studying with terrorist Bengalis” and for the removal of Muslim villages on the road to the university.

Muslims in Myae Pon are starving, Chief Police Officer Is Leading the Violence

Refugees fear death by starvation.Reports that Police Chief Thar San is leading the killing.

Police accused of provocation in Burma violence

A Burmese Muslim politician says local police in Burma's Rakhine state are instigating violence

Violence in Arakan Spread to Kyaut Taw Today

At 6:30 AM, Rakhines have started burning down houses at Lat Saung Kaut village. Those fleeing the area were shot by the Rakhine Army. local witness reports 7 deaths.

Three Ferries Carrying Muslim Refugees Were Attacked in Arakan: Many Died

3 ferries reported as attacked the previous day, and victims including women chopped up. One 10 year old boy escaped.

Setting fire and killing Rohingyas resumes in Kyauk Taw

Burning of 20 houses began at 5.30am whilst Muslims praying in the mosque. Two shot dead, one seriously injured.

24th Oct

Ultimatum issued to get out of houses by 25th October 

Reports of firefighters arriving with tank full of petrol instead of water to put on blazing homes.

Security in Pak Taw Township Now Uncertain

Village told by secuirty forces they could not be protected. Seven men went to hire ferries to help villagers escape but the Rakhines arrested them. 'Since they are in Rakhines’ hands, they won’t come alive. Their bodies won’t even come back.'

News of Rohingya in Pauktaw, Mre Bon and Kaukphyu Tsp

Pauktaw: Men slaughtered in front of women and children in river, young boy espaped. Kyauk Phyu: 600 killed trying to escape by boat.  Mre Bon: 600 homes burnt, deaths unknown.

Rohingyas Float Dead in River As Fish 

3000 homes burnt to ground. 100 corpses floating after boat overturned just one 13 year old escaped. 1300 stuck on river bank got just a few hours to escape or be killed.
More than 15,000 floating in boats fate unknown. Rakhines planning to kill the people in the boats.

Not Expecting to See Sunlight - 2000 Rohingya Await Death

In Minbya, the only remaining Rohingya village, Lombaichar, has 850 Rohingya homes which are now completely encircled by a 7,000 strong Rakhine force. 2000 remaining Rohingya do not expect to see sunlight.
Above article 'expressed fear that Kyauk Pru island town has been comletely over-run - leaving 10,000 displaced after all houses were razed and burnt to ashes'. That's got to be good news for this project about to begin:

300 Trapped Awaiting Death

Other than death, other options seem completely unlikely.

Hundreds Killed and Thousands of Homes Destroyed in Arakan State

Eyewitness account of approximately 100 + 350 women and children + 200 (total 650) slaughtered, 600 + 100 + 600 homes burnt (total 1300 homes), plus people jumping in river with nowhere to go.

Burma's Rohingya face 'new wave of violence'

'suggests that a concerted campaign has begun to drive Rohingya out of this district'

Latest News on Rakhine Terror in Arakan State (Oct 24 @ 11: 30AM)

Eyewitness reports, people chopped up with swords, women and children put on boats but Navy threaten to shoot them. Fire on four sides, people with nowhere to go.

Rakhine Student Union in Sittwe to Remove Muslims from Villages and Schools

Rally gathering now in Sittwe.

Burma clashes spread to new districts

Even the government says 1,000 homes have been burnt (so it must be bad!)

Anti-Muslim Hate Letters Spreading in Yangon Outskirts

Hate letters are now being distributed by the Patriotic Youth Network with propaganda to turn people against the Rohingya Muslims

23rd Oct

More than 800 houses burn out in Minbya and Maruk-U

Rohingya Unrest Continues - 100 killed

100 feared dead, 26 raped, 200,000 stranded in homes with nowhere to go.

Rakhine Terroristsand RNDP Party are Meeting in Mrauk Oo and Minbya Tsps for Further Killing of Rohingya

Police tell Rohingya to leave villages or be killed

16 Oct Demonstration Against Muslim Office: Monks Whipped Up in the Hatred (preparation for massacre?)

Leaked video footage from June 2012

Remember Rohingya, a Restless Beings Report


Save The Rohingya

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