We are going to die

We are going to die

This is the message that is shown in many movies through a subtle but deceiving manner.

This message is irrespective of ideologies, religion and geography.

We are living life in the present, but every moment that present becomes our past.

Just stop for a second
Take a pause

The moment you paused or stopped is no longer your present but has now become your past.

Think about this again and again. Repeat it to yourself many times.

You will see the present is the moment I am writing this and you are reading this.
The present is all our writing and reading and actions and deeds.

Everything is present

but after a fraction of a second it will all be the past, and you are writing your own life story, your own book.

Day after day and with every new event and occasion we are writing that book.

We are all going to die today, tomorrow or in the future.

We cannot stop our present as it sharply transforms to the past.
What we can do is to care for this present that comes and goes by so quickly.

Remember happiness comes not through buying,selling,trading,watching and clothing, unless all these INGs can go with ME. If all your actions are focused on ME you will never be truly happy.

But if all these INGs coming in the present or the future are for OTHERs or NOT ME than you will still be dying but you will be blessed with bliss and happiness.

This Me kills. Read all through history and about civilization and you will see that all those, be them poor or wealthy, who spent their present and all their ING focused on ME achieved nothing, not even happiness. Yet all those who spent their efforts on the people around them and for the betterment of others became part of history and fame in this world and blessed with be hereafter.

Those who understood and learnt this lesson remained blessed.

If a flower does not look beautiful or does not spread fragrance are you going like it?
If the sun does not warm us and give us light are we going to praise it?
If clouds never shower water to mankind and plants, are we going like them?

And this earth on which we live with elegance and do all kinds of bad deeds, if it does not hold us up what going to happen?

And if these clothes that we buy with lots of money do not cover us what is going happen?

If cars do not let us drive them or horses let us ride them what use have they?

So you will see everything in this life is not living for itself but for us.

All creatures are praising Allah/God but are living for us. And what we are doing ?
Waiting to die? Our deeds are all for what? Whatever belief you may follow, do you follow this message?

Do you think even a single thing or being on this planet earth is created purposeless?

The answer is that all things and all creatures are created for a purpose.

So is time and all planets and all trees and the sun and the moon and the air.

But we humans can not see anything other than ourselves.

Have you seen all structures and creations around

Trees and Plants
The Circulatory System

The Respiratory System
The Walk of Ants
The Rain and How Clouds are Formed
The Creation of a Human Being
The Solar System

Look at a plant or a tree collecting useful minerals from earth via deep roots like veins and capillaries in a heart and through a stem and branches that have been given leaves and how each leaf makes energy through photosynthesis.

Similarly look how the human circulatory system and heart works and how at cellular level oxygen is given to cells and carbon dioxide is taken away through these capillaries to arteries and to the heart, and from the heart to our lungs and then our respiratory system.

Similarly look at our canals and rivers and seas and then clouds which purify our water which is returned back to earth.

Similarly look at our streets and service roads and main roads and motorways and see how they get are connected back to our streets and they arrive at our homes.

There are numerous examples of the SAME connected system in all the world around us.
All these are directing us to ALLAH's creation. They look different in apparent shape and design but in structures and creation they are all symmetric.

This symmetry take us only to the ONENESS of ALLAH.

Step after step and movement after another we are getting closer to ALLAH and the day of our meeting to ALLAH, with all our deeds both good and bad.

Our good deeds will be in our right hand and bad deeds in our left.

Like a sign to Heaven or Hell.
Heaven on the right, Hell on the left.

People with more deeds in the left hand will go to a creation name Hell Fire which has a duty to burn everything it is given.

People with more deeds in their right hand will go to a creation name Heaven/Jannah/Janat and they will be taken care of with all the bounties and blessing that they wish for.

And day after night and night after day everything is working specifically balance through all time, including the solar system, as well as all planetary objects and solar systems, they are all are working and moving in a balance and on their orbits.

None of them are allowed to move an inch away or inch towards the center.
Similarly an electron moves around a nucleus and if an electron exits from that atom it will be no more part of that atom, and if it come closer to the nucleus it will die. So all electrons are balanced in their orbits and shells and sub-shells.

Similarly our solar system is the same, as with an atom's structure, so too is even a planet's structure.
A planet may have or may not have a moon but it has a core or a nucleus which has gravity and posses layers inside and outside.

Similarly in the same fashion this design can be see throughout the universe as when a star moves it performs the same procedure like the basic atom and electron or a cell in human body.

Similarly look at how clouds are created to keep this cycle running.

For people who want to understand and seek truth, all will see and can easily understand the same design has being adopted in all so many creations around us.

Similarly with the creation of a human being. The soul comes to this world by opening a door to this world and through another door it will leave this world to hereafter. Human creation it self a living miracle.

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