What one can expect from Freedom of Speech or Media Used #Malala or #Madonna

This media is for sale here in Pakistan or in UK or USA, And People being used here and there for few cents or amount.

So WHO are saying its was not all planned .. Shame on Freedom of Speech and Shame on this liberalism and so called War on Terrorism. Is This You want to see in our media? Is it you called Honor and respect ? Is it a Women left to do? Is it honorable way to express emotions ? Is it the only way left for expression? Why so many table talks and nothing on Action list ?
What Else you are expecting from So Called Peace Lovers and Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Freeness ?

This was already planned and just waiting on step another on all world and especially Muslim Countries.

I cant even past these shots on my blog :@

What else we can expect, what else we can expects from external AIDs on the name of education or freedom of speech. Is this we are expecting in Pakistan or from Pakistan Media?

For God Sake:

If this is a life or your business than better are animals.


The most inappropriate show of support: Madonna, 54, dedicates onstage striptease to Pakistani girl shot by Taliban
  • Slammed as 'cheap self-publicity' as singer strips off to 'support' teenager shot for criticizing terrorists
  • Madonna writes Malala Yousafzai's name across her back after education activist was shot on a school bus
  • Pakistani people furious at bizarre display during the MDNA tour
By Anna Edwards

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