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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Excellent information for health with Ablution and Prayer

Excellent information for health with Ablution and Prayer

Food to speed up your Metabolism


This is perfect set of natural ingredients to add in daily food.

 Benefits of Termeric
Middle one is Muslim(Sunnah) way of sleeping make you thinker :) as well its an healthy posture to sleep.

Face meridian chart. These are a part of Chinese medicine. The theory is this - whereever you get a blemish or breakout, a cyst or a liver spot it correlates to a body part.

Very informative and later I will add further details to this post:
Well Being Muslim when we offer prayer we do a perfect exercise and before offering prayer we do ablution and while doing that we move hands on face, ears and arms and feet as well nose, ears, forehead etc so its a remedy whoever offer prayers without knowledge they do a perfect remedy and exercise for all body at-least five times a day :)



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