Our Campaign to End Rohingya Human Trafficking and Slavery

Why People are so mercy less right now
Do not you have heart or emotions
Do not you have kids and families
Why you do not weep when you see kids starving
Why you do not feel the pain right now this mother is going through
Why you are so emotionless
Why none of you speak and pray from God for those who are under suppression and oppression of time from people called Oppressor

Why you are so less of Humanity
Why you are so worried about you and you own kids and families

What is so so important for you

Why you do not weep when you see this atrocities round the clock round the street and right now in BURMA ROHINGYA

Why you are so short and out and hollow of emotions
Is there anyone living or all mankind is dead

Is there anyone who can help them or all are busy feeding their tummies or making homes or feeding machines or dying homes or hairs or enjoying the time and health and food

Why and what is so important for us

Why you are so emotionless to your own kids

Why you cant feel the pain of your own and when you will start feeling the mankind under the oppression

Is humankind really so dead or anyone alive on planet earth with emotions

Why not you are bowing down or raising hand and ask MERCY GOD and HELP us GOD we are nothing but only tiny creature,

We are so needy all the time but right now we are praying for people who are in really need of this food and medicine and warm blankets and shoes and protection and cloths and peace

Whatever your faith is but be humanbeing at least and at least have some Humanity or if its no more go to animals and borrow some compassion from them and have some compassion and mercy on your own race and kind.

O God I am Praying and asking for YOUR HELP you are Creator of all mankind and Creator of all creatures and ALL blessed people called Messenges PBUH and Prophet PBUH.

All I know is people are in so pain and all i want is YOUR HELP. You said in all scriptures and Holy Books YOU Help us when we pray and ask for your help.

Save us from the oppression of the oppressor and raise people from us to rescue the people under the oppression and right now in pain.

O God I am praying give them Shelters,medicine, cloths, food and shoes and protection and peace. O God if i am the last many or first man I am praying for them and speaker and praying louder then ever for the people in pain.

O ALLAH help us
O ALLAH help us
O ALLAH mercy on us
O ALLAH rescue us
Rescue People from Oppression and Protect them from People and Raise People from us to Protect them and face and let us make this oppression over from #BURMA #Rohingya
O GOD help us to help them and make the people realize the pain people are going through.

Help them anyway possible
Help them any medium or any form you can.

Its never too late.
Go there if you have resources and Visit there if God has given/blessed you with resources.
Just go and see whats happening there right now.

#burmagenocide #rohingyapeople #rohingya

This is what a starved baby looks like. He is Rohingya No this is not Ethiopia, it is Burma There is no famine in Burma, just blockades! There is plenty of food aid waiting to be delivered to these children, but it isn't allowed through. The Rakhine children are however well fed.

 This baby is dying, but he still manages a smile. He is Rohingya There are thousands more like him in Burma dying due to blockades. A recent report said that there are 2900 toddlers and babies so emaciated that even with urgent treatment they may day. Another 14,000 are at risk of mortality. If you are shocked please at least sign this petition

#burma #burmagenocide #rohnigya #usaid #ausaid #humantrafficking #genocide

There is a concert in Burma on Sunday 16th December, to end human trafficking and slavery, whilst the Rohingya have been trapped in slavery for decades and are often victims of trafficking. They are also starving to death from blockades. Hundreds of thousands of them.

This is either fantastic PR on behalf of the Burma gov, or hypocrisy at its greatest! http://mtvexit.org/liveinmyanmar/ A concert to end human trafficking and slavery in Burma/Myanmar, featuring international singer Jason Mraz @jason_mraz

This is his Facebook official page:

Lets tell them about the Rohingya!

Petition to sign and promote:


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Hash Tags to Use:
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YouTube Videos:
MTV Exit Live in Myanmar the PR + hypocrisy of the Burma gov needs exposing
Rohingya Playlist all these vids are worth tweeting individually
Rohingya Boat People in 2009 its got worse since then
End to Rohingya plight draws closer more on the Boat People 2009 - this been going on years, got a lot worse recently
Valerie Amos Pleads for Full Access for OCHA and WFP to Deliver Aid because they haven’t got it! (note this one is not a YouTube vid)

Links to Relevant News:
Fleeing Rohingya Captive on Thai Border
Singapore turns away rescued boat people
Photos emerge of anti-Muslim witch hunt in Burma
Discrimination and violence against the Rohingyas continues in Burma
Burma's displaced Rohingya suffer as aid blocked
Jason Mraz has the weight of the world on his shoulders
Rohingya families in Maungdaw starving
Hundreds of Rohingya Held Captive as Three Boats Land on Thai Islands
Myanmar can keep Rohingya from starving. But will it? 2900 children babies + toddlers may be beyond help even with urgent treatment!
UN Official Calls for Help for Myanmar's Displaced worst refugee camps in the world
Burma camp for Rohingyas 'dire' - Valerie Amos

Blogs Posts:
A Concert For The Damned?
Exiled to Nowhere

Twitter accounts to tweet to:

Also ask people to follow @aungaungsittwe the only Rohingya refugee tweeting daily updates from the ground in Burma

Important tweets to link to/RT

ALD,ALP,RNDP&NaSaKa organized a plan to reduce #Rohingya fr #Arakan, they persuade to send Malaysia& using cargo send to Thai fishing ships

Acc to information, Cargo carried #Rohingya 3 times to Thai-ships; 755+455+635 #Rohingya, Thai-ships sold them somewhere else.

Special message from @jason_mraz about LIVE coverage #LiveinMyanmar: http://youtu.be/fUpZ1-Uytng  via @youtube

603 #Rohingya families in Thandawli have been starving, Rakhine authority doesn't allow any aid group to help them, they need urgent food.

Off to Myanmar tonight. I'll be answering some of your questions about our trip with MTV Exit. Tweet & tag them #LiveInMyanmar.

Did u watch #AlJazeera #TheHiddenGenocide? Think it was bad? My #Rohingya friend in #Burma says the reality is worse! https://twitter.com/Aungaungsittwe/status/278514182008221696 …

At the gate of some hospitals, it is written in Burmese "Kalar are not allowed"

WFP trying to send food to starving #Rohingya of Anauk Pyin, Rathedaung town of #Arakan but Rakhine authority doesn't allow to save those #Rohingya.

NaSaKa of Tharekun Baw accompanied by 352 military confiscated 30 arcs of #Rohingya's farm land

Watch the short film of my visit to #Myanmar where I saw one of the worst IDP camps in the world: http://ocha.smugmug.com/Countries/Myanmar/USG/26912848_jWCXgQ#!i=2260307570&k=p34D4KH …

Eyewitness statement regarding military + security force involvement

Other Resources:

Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs - Statement on the Republic of the Union of Myanmar ‘The level of assistance provided in the different camps varies significantly...I saw thousands of people in shockingly overcrowded, substandard shelter with poor sanitation. They don’t have jobs, children are not in school and they can’t leave the camp because their movement is restricted. The situation is dire.’

UNOCHA Rakhine Response Plan >115,000 internally displaced. Burma Gov figures (treat with caution): 10,100 buildings destroyed (couldn’t be denied as there is satellite evidence), 167 killed, 223 injured

US Aid in Burma lots of useful links and info here, people that should be doing something

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