Water and Dams and Power issues

Thank you very much Tariq Mian for correcting me:)

Just a view of local news papers as let his to judiciary to eradicate the dishonesty and bring culprit behind the bars or show to nation who is who and who did what:

Its a need of hour to show the real face of people who are sitting and enjoying the taxes of Pakistan for nothing in return even this the very first part of the oath to be honest with their job. But what really going on ?

Most of the people are really really not working at all for any common good other than their own good and personal benefits along the tenure. How long we will be a silent observer or I will say spectators of Wonderland of Pakistan. None of us gonna speak and few are if speaking do not appreciate them as they are part of some conspiracy theories lols :)

This World is wonderful place with people do not follow the obvious and follow the falsehood and later give a perfect statement this is conspiracy theory. And if you do not want anyone to talk about something put a single dot or point it out as suspecious incident or event and if someone start to find out truth:

A Common fashion is adopted:

Are you mad or what?

Nothing gonna change?

Are you Really Insane?

Are you nuts?

What gonna change if you really find the truth and shared?

Listen : and listen it very clearly :

Its not and never about them or anyone its belong to us and its a very rightful and very first right of human being to speak truth and share truth and read truth and strive for truth. eventually rest will be synchronize and get stable and up to mark in even a longer run.

So lets not be so simple and lets do not make our home a home of conspiracy theories and being responsible citizen or nation: if someone is not doing anything just begin it from you. as this is the last resort of any matter as well the very first resort too. Its a matter of understanding and really matter to take part and read and write about. A Change only comes when you wish or strive for it. Change or Truth comes from us. Either its any part or walk of life.

Either its issue of Water Board or WAPDA or SUI GAS or anyother Department or monopoly of PTCL or education system or religions aspects. We can do a lot and we make a change as the only thing that changed or bad effected is :

The way people start thinking and acting

This is the very first ground the made so firm as our thinking process is deeply and unfortuanetly changed as we are no more effective in many ways either its education perspective or issue of water or a simple election participation or issue of social media and social culture or norms. Though individuals are becoming benchmarks with the passage of time. We are really so diverse in ways and things we have right in this country. Everybit is in our favor the only missing ingredients is The Muslim Of Quran or Life of Muhammad PBUH or ME of Iqbal or with times that conception came to be followed by us.

In this world everyone by nature is good and willing to do good. The only matter to bring a change is the very first step or the spark of faith right in your heart that can bring this nation or this world to a better place. Why not we keep try and why we do not strive to excel, its not about positions or grades but a matter called Wisdom the vital ingredient given to mankind by scriptures and words for God in all times.

How long we will be spectators or one the other end who see like a tv. all actions and all motivation could be seen on the other side not the side you own. Be Really You and be the Really You and the one the Creator want you to be. No matter how long you following the paths or no direction at last resort you have to fall or reach or touch the Only Straight Path to God. Choice is yours talk a hundred of years to drive to this path or take the very first step to be on path and start speaking Truth. What we really fear from the Creator or unfortunately People or societies or norms or world. Come on. Follow the belief or faith you say with all words Read Surrah Faitha and your life will be easy the day you understand its meaning and they day you understand the Faith you will eventually connected to God for all activities or actions or events or line of fates or paths and before and after of everything thing that exist or do not exist in matter and understanding of us.

So Live a life with Nature Gift Called Purpose with Actions for TRUTH.

According to the probe report received by Dunya News, ex-Indus Water Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah remained mum over contentious Nimo Bazgo hydropower project on Indus river for four years despite being aware about it.The probe committee recorded the statements of Indus Water Commissioner Sheraz memon, Deputy Indus Water Commissioner Faris Qazi and former Joint Commissioner Tahir Waseem. Only verbal statement of Jamaat Ali Shah wasrecorded.Jammat Ali Shah was accused of keeping the government into dark regarding controversial Mino Bazgo Dam project despite of reports of Military Intelligence and Inter Services Intelligence and help India to get Carbon Credit Certificate from United Nations. Shah also refrained from taking the matter into International Court of Arbitration despite of government directions.


Jihadi periodical Jamaatud Dawa newspaper Jarrar (5 March 2010) reported that the people of Pakistan thought that Pakistan's Indus Water Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah was bodily a Pakistani but his tongue spoke the language of Hindus. He had not stopped making the strange statement (darfuntani) that India had not stolen Pakistan's water. Jamaat Ali Shah was getting his salary from Pakistan but working for India, the paper said.

Unfortunately, Jamaatud Dawa took out a procession on Lahore's central mall in February 2010, its leader Hafiz Said making provocative speeches. Later the Chief of the Army Staff and the Prime of Pakistan also raised 'the issue of waters' in their statements.

Reported in Nawa-e-Waqt (3 June 2010) a seminar held by Nawa-e-Waqt Group of newspapers decided that Pakistan's Indus Waters Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah was no longer speaking for Pakistan but was defending the Indian position on the stealing of river waters by India through 62 dams. Speakers including such "illustrious" men as Ambassador (Retd) Javed Hussain who said that India was stealing one crore forty acre feet of water and that the Indus Water Treaty was only good for the 1960s but today India's water aggression could lead to an Indo-Pak war that would soon turn into a nuclear world war.

Nawa-e-Waqt further reported that Indus Waters Treaty Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah, while leaving for New Delhi to talk about waters shared by India and Pakistan, said that Pakistan was getting its share of waters under the Indus Treaty and that building a dam was the right of India. He said less water in Pakistani rivers was because of lack of rain, not because India had blocked it. The statement was a shock to many who thought India was waging a water war against Pakistan.

Quoted in Jang, Indus Water Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah said in Lahore that Indus Water Treaty between Pakistan and India was an unhappy marriage over the years. He said India was preparing to build 25 to 20 dams on the rivers given to Pakistan. Although the dams were allowed by the treaty India should act on the spirit of the Treaty and agree to amend the amount of water given by the treaty to India from three Pakistani rivers. The reason was that the water flow in these rivers had decreased.

Reported in Nawa-e-Waqt (16 Dec 2010) Jamaat Ali Shah Pakistani's Indus Waters Commissioner under the Indus Treaty was made OSD by the PM after many years in service once considered meritorious. He was made the commissioner in 1993 and was on the job till 2010 while India changed four commissioners during this period. Zahurul Hasan Dahir of the anti-India lobby said Shah had accepted Indian influence and had allowed Indian dams to be built on rivers belonging to Pakistan.

Reported in Jang (5 Jan 2012), Indus Waters ex-commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah facilitated the building of India's illegal Nimoo-Bazgo dam so that Leh could get electricity which means that Indian soldiers at Siachen would get the benefit of more comfort through use of electricity.

Quoted in daily Pakistan (4 Jan 2012), former Indus Waters Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah said in Canada that he was surprised by news that he had run away to Canada after violating exit-control orders against him. He said he had come to Canada to look after his ill mother and despite retirement from his job he had informed the concerned authorities before departing Pakistan. He said he was available to answer any charges.

On 23 January 2012, the Ministry of Water and Power and its subordinate institution - the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) - started probing deeper into the alleged involvement of former Indus Water commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah in allegedly "facilitating" Indian authorities to construct the controversial Nimoo-Bazgo hydropower project. FIA swooped down and took control of the office of the Commissioner and began pouring over its files.

Dawn (16 April 2011) reported: 'Intelligence agencies seized on Friday the record of at least two federal ministries to investigate an alleged institutional lapse of not raising objections over Indian aggression on the country's water rights and securing international carbon credits on hydropower projects disputed by Pakistan'.

A preliminary report maintained that the former water commissioner did not play his due role and remained silent over the Nimoo-Bazgo hydropower project (built by India during 2002-2009) and did not raise any objections during the Pak-India meetings. But surprisingly, the commission started pursuing the project vigorously at all levels when it was known that it would be impossible to change the design of the project after its completion. The 57-metre-high controversial Nimoo-Bazgo hydroelectric project is being developed in the Leh district on the Indus River and it is a run-of-the-river power project on the Indus River situated in village Alchi, 70 kilometres from Leh.

Express Tribune (3 January2012) reported: 'Pakistan is gearing up for yet another legal battle over India's 'aggression' on the country's water rights and securing international carbon credits on hydropower projects disputed by Pakistan. The latest case under dispute is the construction of the controversial 45-MW Nimoo-Bazgo hydropower project on the Indus River by India, after Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani approved challenging the project in the International Court of Arbitration (ICA)'.

Daily Times (18 July 2012) reported that the federal government had decided not to file a lawsuit in the Permanent Court of Arbitration-International Court of Arbitration (PCA-ICA) in Hague regarding its concerns and grievances over the controversial 45MW Nimoo-Bazgo hydroelectric power project.

Annexure C of the Indus Waters Treaty is about India's right to divert certain amount of water in certain months from the Western Rivers given to Pakistan. There is also no bar on the building of water storage for electricity production or any other non-consumptive use on Western Rivers (Annexure E). If anyone complains in Pakistan about India building dams and taking some water out of our rivers, he speaks out of ignorance.

Brahma Chellaney in his book Water: Asia's New Battleground (Harper/Collins 2011) remarks: 'Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told a national news conference in April 2010 and said: "Is India stealing that water from you? No, it is not. Please do not fool yourself and do not misguide the nation. We are mismanaging that water". Despite his confession, the Pakistani government has continued to spotlight water as a contentious bilateral matter. One possible reason for its raking up the water issue in recent years is that it helps Pakistan to redirect attention away from India's focus on cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistani territory as the core concern' (p.223).

Brahma Chellaney, one of India's leading strategic thinkers and analysts, is a professor at the Centre for Policy
Research in New Delhi. He has served as a member of the Policy Advisory Group headed by the foreign minister
of India, and as an adviser to India's National Security Council.



Judicial inquiry commission to probe Jamaat Ali Shah


MianTariq said...

Honest and straight forward people are not necessarily good negotiators. Most probably, they are unable to play politics of negotiation.
So India has been taking advantage of the “straightforward /simple-natured” Jamat Ali Shah.
Certainly, Mr Shah didn’t play his cards diligently, which means Pakistan had to suffer because of his incompetence. This doesn’t mean his integrity isn’t intact any longer. Truth is his inability/incompetence doesn’t make him Bharti agent at all.
And, the intense hype created by the media is no proof of his involvement with Indians: Findings of the probe committee, or reporting in Nawa-e-Waqt, Jang, Dunia and Jihadi periodical Jamaatud Dawa newspaper Jarrar are no more than just allegations, because gravity of crime against Pakistan is so serious which needs be looked at by the supreme court of Pakistan through sou motto action. In the meanwhile, we should avoid blaming this “straight forward gentleman” who appears to be God fearing (practising Muslim).
The question is why he has been allowed to continue for so long against such a sensitive position of the highest national value?
It’s almost too late to wake up, because the irreversible damage has already been inflicted.
Maybe, he was set-up to get trapped.
Until there is an appropriate legal proceeding, Mr Shah is innocent. Calling him Bharti agent is not fair.

MianTariq said...

Mr Shah ko qurbani ka bakra banaya giaa hai.

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

Thank you very much Tariq Mian for correcting me:) Post Updated :) As I was lost in Bangladesh post and articles :)


If you have any further link or information to add in that post let me know :)

There is a lot more to add or remove as this post taken one day to read much but unfortunately i have not found the book by Sarmila Bose but i found all other that is shared on the post.


MianTariq said...

In 1999, Shah sahib came to my residence in search of some information, and I found him to be of sound character. It was zuhar prayer time and he said azaan followed by slaat behind him. He is a thorough gentleman.
He met me two times in Canada and one time in Pakistan.
According to my judgement, he still is a thorough gentleman.
We, therefore, must avoid the "hearsay evidence."
******Just because of irresponsible hype created by the electronic and print media, what Mr Shah is going through can easily be imagined.
I think Mr Shah needs massive support to proceed to regain his lost reputation.
May Allah help him at this difficult moment. aamin!

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

Amin and JazakALLAH.

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