If you really care

If you really care

If you care, how and where we spend money, and you are aware about "halal" or "haram" or "legal" and "illegal".
If you care about the criminal industry(Oppression) either you are supporting unwillingly,
If you care for Humanity being massacred with weapons sponsored and advertised by these companies.

Then we need to speak with knowledge and take an initiative for spreading information.
We have to spread awareness for betterment in society.
And we have to understand what we feel and what we say is difference and we have to fill this gap to make this world a better place.

And we have play the positive role.

We will keep you updated with posts:
How they are harmful to human body and health with those products.

The worst thing is that: They create these products including items like food, medicine, vaccine and feeds, despite knowledge about bad consequences to health.
Speak and speak with knowledge and bring any issue you face around.

Share awareness about the facts so our children and next generation have a better life.

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