Wonder of world

Human intelligence can be over or under rated. But still a human have to learn a lot on his way of exploring the world he living in. We have a time unit and A light year and to the cosmos we are living there are so tiny units even we are very short of measuring unit to this gigantic universe. Human being has to learn a lot during the course of his life. From very start of time and till now Human learned all from the The Creator. all words being taught to him. Human technology and inventions still need a word purpose and if that purpose is common betterment than it will excel to new ways with mutual collaboration from all races and colors of humankind. But everything is good for those who understand the happening and occurrence and existence of all is due to reason and objects and purpose. And running in a perfect harmony as for example a human creation and all automation of human body and CNS and all other systems working together in a perfect harmony and still human is currently rather doing constructive ways playing with immune systems. I will pray and keep praying to ALLAH that let us understand and walk towards you and help the other who is near or close from us. This wonderful world is created for us like all living things like with understanding are for us to enjoy and use them in appropriate way. Not to distort the nature but preserve it in its own fashion as there is no fissure and fault and something missing in all creation and living thing around us. ALL existence and non existence creations are perfect in fashion of creation. and there is no filth in creation as Nature itself recycle itself in perfect way as the Creator is showing us symbols and examples throughout our life tenure and stages of ages. above all these creatures take us close to The Creator.

The Universe made possible by Number Sleuth

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