Why not alone ? Whats social media role ?

Why not alone ? Whats social media role ?

Awareness :) Knowledge :) Alone we are nothing and together we are everything, This is what Allama Muhammad Iqbal dreamed and said to Quaid-e-Azam(Muhammad Ali Jinnah) did and this is what our religion preach us and this is the message of Quran. and this is why we are on social media to make this message reach to masses and help them understand the way and path and choice is all everyone. And every tiny entity or sparkle is equally important either Ayaz aur Mehmood both are in same rank and Even Mehmood Ghaznavi do not know where Ayaz is before ALLAH. So its matter of understanding. Social Media is a hub and a tool and few are using it for a deceptive weapon but we have to repel it with equal force and stand and unite with our norms and values and make our society and community better and exemplary.
Hence Alone we are nothing but together we are everything as Islam preaches nor colors and nor tribes or nor clans or caste but the only thing matters is connection with ALLAH Almighty. and no one can judge who is more close to ALLAH.

Social media is a voice and as technology it has both ways positive or negative. for awareness or knowledge or business or social life. But above all is when we use it for humanity and help people across the board.

Right now its need of hour to use it for a better purpose like for humanity and human rights.
we need to workout to spread the awareness Join twitter and join facebook not for you but for these people who need our assistance even spreading a word for them who dnt have anything to lose. who are right now under the siege of an oppressor

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