No one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people

Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.

A very clear message to all people who want to understand the Message of ALLAH.
All we need to connect our heart to ALLAH in times of ups or downs. Even very happy or very sad but with understanding life is so easy. Its a very straight message to all people and human kind. 
Like Good and bad incident happens for a reason you may consider it as a test and an examination and with Truthfulness and patience and endurance you can win and succeed in any platform and hence forth this life.
All we need an understanding and unshaken-able or firm believe/faith on Allah. As all and source of all occurrence in forms of events or incidents or matters as well the people and meeting is with the WILL of Creator. So we are not suppose to be oppressor to our-self and to THE Creator. We need to understand it well. And when we understand it well our ways and all incidents happens occurs during this passage of life will be so easy to face and pass. With Faith comes Patience and with Patience comes Endurance and with Endurance comes the Success. That Success brings your heart and life a satisfaction and soothe. In the infinite world of finite things you will see a purpose and a job to do. And its seems like this job is to live for others. Rather all life encircling Me or ourself. This Nature give and share and shows us its existence, purpose and path as all elements and objects are living with purposes and eventually they are living for another one. and in return they are not getting any reward but with endurance kept on delivering from the day of Creation till day of resurrection. Similar is the case for Human being. Those who understand this life and its Purpose: Life for them is nothing but an examination and they love to live for others. Eventually when you love someone or all you will in return get affection not affectation. May this return do not come to you in short term but in long term you will surely get it. Even you are not looking for any reward. As with understanding you are doing all for Humanity and with Faith to Creator and with understanding the purpose of this life. These pains and grieves you see around our lives and circles and friends will eventually be taken care but all you need to be realistic in approach towards the life and its purpose. 
Life for others and life for humanity and life for all creativity all around. Even you can see this pen you hold is not without a purpose or this book or piece of paper. Till the very fine paper or very not fine paper. all comes with a purpose similarly piece or alloy or any metal or iron or any element. Even a tiny stone to the mighty mountain. even a drop to ocean or river or water in tap. From a very basic unit of life cell or atom to the gigantic we have one thing common and that is PURPOSE. 
Its a matter of deep understanding to unfold the covers from creatures with purpose of creation and existence. This Life is so beautiful around with these Creatures and Human Kind itself is so beautiful in aspects of abilities for creativity and discovery and innovation and understanding and given miracles in times from The Creator. And till now our birth and the birth of any plant or animal or Creation of Cloud or all existence and occurrence of events and incidents and evolution occurring around its are examples or Purposefulness of this World.

In This World and around all creatures you will not see a word of Despair or disappointment.
Reason, Very Obvious they are living with a Purpose of Creativity.
When you understand this fact in all Universe and aspects of all creatures and their creativity and no substance or occurrence of despair in their life cycle. You will ultimately and surely understand Why we are facing this thing with each moment and with each breath. 
Answer is again The Purpose: You can see people who understand it are very focus in daily life as for them one thing or another they are focus on their work or purpose. So The people who understand the purpose of all this Creativity you will see seldom despair in them but they will be always look blessed and shinning and twinkling and showering with knowledge to people and of course Humanity. 

This is the Message of God that one will never be despair or disappointed when he live with a purpose and with Faith/Believe on ALLAH.

So live Happily with understanding in times or Tides and downs as look up and look right in your heart where you will find the Purpose and THE CREATOR. and eventually when you raise your issue to ALLAH you will eventually be blessed with solutions and satisfaction right in heart and in world of tangibility. 

Surat Yūsuf (Joseph) - سورة يوسف

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Sahih International
O my sons, go and find out about Joseph and his brother and despair not of relief from Allah . Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people."
بیٹا (یوں کرو کہ ایک دفعہ پھر) جاؤ اور یوسف اور اس کے بھائی کو تلاش کرو اور خدا کی رحمت سے ناامید نہ ہو۔ کہ خدا کی رحمت سے بےایمان لوگ ناامید ہوا کرتے ہیں


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