Behind the words is the voice of the heart

Behind the words is the voice of the heart

The message behind the words is the voice of the heart.

~ Rumi image: Adrian Limani

and behind heart is soul and behind soul is divine and behind divine is Creator and Creator is on and only and thats the source of all knowledge and wisdom for all humanity and all creatures. ALLAH Almighty. As a matter of understanding in times people describe this in ways and in ways they are blessed with by God. All Sources of information and wisdom and knowledge is the One God. And human being in all times are blessed by God and blessed to share the knowledge with people in ways possible. And Being the superior creator God Blessed human being so much as he can communicate without medium and as a matter of fact the soul has no definition in times unless God describe HIMSELF that all souls created together by The WILL of Creator and one chosen and pre-decided time all have to come in a body and spent a time and walk the track they want. But being Creator God knows all foot marks along the track. Hope and wish ALL human being will understand and seek for this path through conscious wisdom and logic and knowledge they are blessed with.

the world of heart is define by all souls in their own ways. They only definition with different words is its home of all emotions and our strength reside in our heart and soul. That Can make us walk on all paths of hardship in ways to our fate. Fate being written by us as its already written we just follow it by our selection of step we put in all way along the path. and all paths are from God. All emotions are from God.

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