No one wins and no one lose but Truth

No one wins and no one lose but Truth

Truth speaks for its truthfulness as truth is its own speaker. 

And who want to seek the truth eventually he will get it. between right and wrong, Right have to stay right and right have to ultimately succeed. As this world is not place of fun but a place do dwell in peace and to learn the path. As a matter of fact oppressor remain the oppressor nor color matters no the places. The time is not the teacher but still it make anyone learn lessons. Half century or 100 centuries the one who is at wrongs know he is wrong and one who is right knows he is right. To all those who sitting in peace and behind a screen can not know the truth unless they see the truth with eyes of heart.
UN or amnesty or states or EU none worry about blood but eventually the oppressor gonna pay for deeds in time short or long. Wait for the HOUR and you will know the truth or have a dare to seek the Truth.

Humanitarians and neutrals sacrificed their lives and know the truth. behind the Media you will stay blind and truth will never be unfolded or disclosed to you unless you have dare to taste the truth.

Speaking louder or lower is not the issue but the TRUTH. and to those who know the Truth and not speaking it are the part and equally responsible for all lives in times of people being used.

Who will seek will be blessed here and hereafter and with Patience and with thirst he will be blessed. Those who want temporary matters and things can enjoy the way they want. and understanding comes to only those who want to understand. Ways comes to only those who seek them and wish and pray from The Only Creator of all Creatures and Mankind.

Peace, Patience and Prosperity comes with understanding

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