Open letter to all human-beings

Open letter to all human-beings:


"5000 freinds on facebook, 1500 on twitter, 500 in your wedding, 5 in hard times, 2 at your burial, and alone on judgement day: Alone you came and alone you will go: Still elegance and arrogance and EGO and ME and greed and world attracting you more and more. Still opposite sex attracts and things distracts you from the way of understanding this life. Religion is making your path clear and making a code to follow.

If the childhood is no more there why our beauty will sustain
and if the pain is no more to sustain why happiness will remain
if a night will end with a day how long gonna will we remain
Its a matter of understanding:
If we are not here to live for eternity why and for what we gonna fight ?
if there is nothing that will remain why we gonna fight for ?
What resource and what money and what things you gonna work hard to buy or theft and do good ways or bad ways to get?

These concrete or wood homes ?
or cars or cloths or computers or games or luxurious or recreations or hangouts or get 2 gathers or shopping or eating is all we need to or is all that we are born to do this all ?

Again I will say its a matter of understanding:

You will see people and states are fighting for things but if we have a very common understanding no one gonna fight. and if something need this world let him take him as for him this world is so important to get by all means

And this is a very common understanding if we do good we will reap good and if we do bad we have to eventually taste the bad wages of our deeds.

People in east or people in west all are human-kind the same kind. and they are equally responsible being citizen of earth.
Bad people have to pay for bad and good people have to pay for good. And if you see with eyes and heart open Good people are blessed as heart open and faces smiling and sacrificing for people around.

This very common understanding that make us realize if we have nothing eternal or permanent in this life so what we need to fight for or die for. People will easily forgive and gonna live with patience as for them they have to get the reward of all their good deeds here in this world and hereafter.

Fighting for rights are good but fighting for nothing or for killing others is not at all a way

Imposing fight on innocent people is not the symbol of a good emperor in any means or by any means.

If someone claiming he is the one who is leader or ruler of the world than its a common understanding A Ruler is a responsibility of all things under your Rule should be in peace even animals. And if some unjust is happening under your Umbrella you are the only one gonna taste the wages due to that atrocity or unjust or unfair happened because you are the Ruler. Because Rule is not soothing place. Rulers job is a restless job. Role of Ruler is ideal for a society if the Ruler work with the understanding that he is working for humanity. For him humanity comes first and foremost is the helping people.
Utmost is the society. Even A gate keeper is equally important or a person who is doing a cleaning or maid or household or any job. all are equal being the decedents from Adam and eve.

When we do not see the message of Religions we will eventually fight. because religion very first message is

Truth and do the justice and help the poor and all are equal.

If you follow this you are not going to fight what so ever is the issue.

Its not about something fiction: Its a straight Path. Whoever gonna adopt it he will surely be blessed in his deals and matters.

God hide the prosperity in simplicity and down to earth
God kept the health in eating less
God kept the happiness in giving
God kept the joy in taking care old people
God kept the peace in Justice
God kept the profit in fair deals

And this all religions being the code of conduct and living this life have with us. But who is seeking for satisfaction or smoothness for eternal.

Choice and paths are always there but who really want or claim for *CHANGE* or who really need it are different. What you need or going to do a change obviously and surely your actions will show it. People of east and people of west all together will say YES. We can see it as we can see this day and light and moon and time. Truths are always so clear for understanding as well to follow.

We are always given with options and choice to select and elect but who cares. The one who cares not even Rule the world but eventually Rule the hearts. The one who rule the hearts will surely will be close to souls and surely close to the Creator. He will be surely very close to God. Like very firmly connected to the path. We pray to the Rulers of time to spread peace with all means they currently have rather saying something and doing something else. As its also understandable we can not harm anyone in actual because what we do we have to pay like what you will farm tomorrow you have to reap. so your today is ladder to tomorrow. your steps are ways and paths to the destination you want to reach. Your attitude is the key to meet the zenith of the status you want to achieve. As long you are very clear of your destination you will remain focus on path. and as long you will deviate from destination you will be lost in small things. or objective-less life. Its correctly said that we are the writer of our faith as we are blessed with selection of step we take during this life. So I pray for all that they write master piece or at least try it and pray to ALLAH.

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