People Soul and Love

People Soul and Love

People say heart is the center of body and heart is home of emotion and heart let connect to people by ways and channels among. and as we need medium to communicate like channels and ways.
As a matter of understanding heart is nothing but soul is everything. Heart pumps blood only. and This Soul is enrich and blessed with diverse channels and un imaginable powers from Allah. A heart can communicate with ways of eyes,ears and hands where as this soul in independent of channels. that can deliver a message to other soul away in distance and sight.
Allah created human being as superior and as a matter of understanding this soul make us superior.
with this superiority comes a responsibility and with this responsibility comes a seek and that seek lead us to the path and that path is so simple and straight and take us to ALLAH Almighty.

Love is Purity of feelings and sentiments. A tear and a smile and so many ways to express these emotions.

In times Love being the most beautiful subject and emotion in humans. Its a sentiment and a feeling and in times its being narrated in beautiful ways and enrich with words. Love is feeling that connect people to people. Love is also a connection to Creator but few of people have this purity of love achieved.
To few people this love lies in things and they will see this love and feel this love in things. To Few people this love lies among other peoples and they search in people. To the very few of the people this love and purity of feeling is devoted to the Creator.

This world in unique in ways :
People get what ever they want
Things will be so attractive to those who love these things
Who want a thing that thing will be everything to that person
Who want a person that person will be everything for that person
Eventually a person will be given with that things and with all goods and bads
A thing and a person comes with a good and bad. so when we love them madly and fall in their attraction we have to face both their attraction and distraction.

Many people like things like:
A pen, a cup, a book, a laptop, a bangle, a bracelet, a pendent, a chain, people love metals like Gold,Silver, People like stones like gemstones: Robbi , diamond(Carbon) etc. There will be n numbers of stones and so many metals and so many things around. Homes, cars, games, Football, Tennis, Cricket etc.

This world is Unique : You can see this world was not created for things but for people to live. But people are not living but falling in love with things and looking for things or falling for people around. As an understanding all things or people are here to be lived with. And the only Ultimate way or Existence to be Love is Creator.
Whoever Love the Creator will eventually blessed and bliss-ed with all these things and people with ways more clear and straight.

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