Coincidence or Blessing of ALLAH: Pakistan :)

Coincidence or Blessing of ALLAH: Pakistan :)

Four are the Prophets PBUH with Holy Books.
Four are the known Angels.
Four are the sacred months
Four are the weeks a month
Four are the Provinces of Pakistan
Four are the weathers of Pakistan

Its not coincidence its just matter of understanding :) This is Faith as nothing on this world happen without a reason and its not like that it just happen. It seems like people are the oppressor and at the same time people are victims. Few people plans to make things happen to people and think they are so cunning and clever and they plan so well BUT eventually and ultimately ALLAH Plans and He is the Only Planner of All and every bit of the knowledge we have. But Alas human beings are so less in numbers who understand and seek for the path and follow it with Faith. As ALLAH is the Originator and Allah is the END and people who bow down to ALLAH and obey ALLAH's commandments with Fear of ALLAH will be blessed in this world as well hereafter.

Allah bless us with all breathes in all parts of the world with all blessings in all ways. This is the nature of Humanbeing that he forget all good and remember the bad and eventually that bad happens as a test and an examination to understand and realize the all blessings and all times when ALLAH Guard and Protect and Bless us. Beauty is to spread the good word and not only to spread it but to act on it and act it well and let the people know ALLAH's Message with heart and mind open. This Universe, All tiny and gigantic creatures are all miracles of ALLAH Creativity. He is The Only Creator. Even Human being creativity and all functions are itself miraculous. Science and all branch of sciences and architecture and astronomy and medicine all will explain and take you to understand the only truth that they are all HIS Creativity. The Time and the years and months and weeks and days and rain and clouds. and these planets and a cell or atom they are all Praising God with all existence. But Human being are in loss who forget the Creator and do indulge in this life and recreations and easily attracted by deception. But People who understand these all signs will always repent to God. and With understanding all human being are his creatures even those who are blessed and called and known as Prophet PBU THEM and Messengers PBU THEM.

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