Truth, Nature and Islam

 Truth, Nature and Islam

Truth is melody and remedy and harmony of this nature and human being. 

Truth speaks for its truthfulness and Truth it self is defender of it. 

All we need to let it go from heart and with Faith it wave the horizons of Universe.

And Shaykh Ba, a West African scholar, said this about Islam:

The river is crystal clear.
Its water remains pure,
Sweet and unpolluted.
It reflects the color of the riverbed.
A truth take us to Nature and Nature take us to Islam.
They seems different but all are Crystal Clear and Pure and Satisfying in ways.
This satisfaction make our Soul Soothe.
This is beauty of Truth, Nature and Islam That is Peace.
Our Steps take us to Truth and with passage of time lead us to nature and that move us further to Islam and Islam is Satisfaction,Soothe and Peace. 

لبوں پہ آئی تھی ایک بات حرفِ حق بن کر
خبر یہ پھیلـی جہاں میں زباں دراز ہیں ہم

کچھ سوچ کر ہوا ہوں موج طوفاں کا حریف
ورنہ میں بھی جانتا ہوں عافیت ساحل میں ہے

عقل عیار ہے سو بھیس بنا لیتی ہے
عشق بیچارہ نہ ملا ہے ،نہ زاہد نہ حکیم

Grains of sand looks same but they are not, similarly nor animal and nor human-being even they all look alike. 

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