Why This Media is Silent on all issues

Why This Media is Silent on all issues

Are we being People of Pakistan are so dead or deaf or dumb to not see what they do not Want us to see all day?
And how long people educated and literate and all citizen and all Muslim will keep a silence on all what Rulers are doing to us?
And how long they will not voting to people like them ?
and how long they and we being enjoying these holidays on voting or election days?
and how long we the women will keep watching wonders on 8 0 clock ?
and how long they will be addicted with this TV ?
and how long Channels or mass media and reporters and news caster being framed and channelized and being used for the purposes of the owners and investors?
How long institute being used and hiring people of their own families ?
How long we will not follow the Religion?
How long we will be sleeping and living in fear of people and rulers and authorities and cowards?
How long and how long this silence will be kept by us and by us I repeat its US not them. Its always US who keep silence on all bad and atrocities and killing and bloodshed and all bad around us ?
Fear Allah
Fear not people and not your jobs and business and homes.
Follow the person who speak for truth not your or mine interest
How long and how long we will be looking for AIDs of USA, CHINA, EU or etc and how long this green flag is kept low in dignity and fame to the world and to us.

Why and why

http://www.pdip.pk/distribution-companies/ Is it not very pathetic of #Pakistan #government to depand in all departments of energy as well others on United States of #America #USA . Is this Really from #People of America to People of Pakistan or doing their under the hood tasks to destabilize #Pakistan ?

Why our media is silent #expresstv #duniatv #geo #geotv #samaatv #samaanews #waqattv #SAMA #aajtv #channel5 +5NEWS #dawnnewstv #dawnnews #arynews #arynewstv #geonewstv #geonews #ptv #apnatv #usaid #drones
is not focusing on the real issues and never talked about a single news about USAID Program and similarly other programs and never let Public know what going on under the umbrella. Why NO News about any Muslim Country or #Kashmir , #syria #bahrain #rohingyamuslims #burma #burmagenocide #afghanistan #iraq  

Save The Rohingya

 Need of hour to eradicate this false cover of media as they are impartial and doing justice to their jobs. Honestly they become the oppressor to them and they are spreading falsehood of times and deceiving a viewer by their own paid agendas and day after day playing with people.

#usaid #pakistan #deceptive #medialiars #professionalliars #paidliars #dishonestpeople #dishonestprofessional #muslim  

I raised these Questions to people of Pakistan like I am questioning me for this all :) Hope so people who need this growth and education and prosperity will surely speak and elect and cast vote for a cause and this cause gonna change the life of People of this land. Day after another we are sacrificing but only due to leaders and our own ignorance and delay we are facing this issue. Criticizing is done enough to Governments but nation are not getting fruits the way they should. Working with another country is not bad in any ways and collaboration is fine but at equal terms and in balance and dignity. I do not blame leaders but my blame is to people who kept silent for all bad happening around and following media blindly and media is running by us but not for us. I want to wake that 90% who is suppressed by oppressors called Leaders and senators :)

Not degree and not education is the solution set. because before talking about degree we need to know the building blocks and all ingredients our educations systems and how far we are from industry and how far we are from knowledge and wisdom. A comprehensive education system

Allah=GOD source of all information and knowledge
Islam is a hub that connects and keep us connected by Holy Quran with humanity and world and to the Creator.

And about systems and system. The one that have all knowledge and wisdom. Islam.

Education system is a long debate as we have to gather all information and technology for the betterment of humanity and people round the globe :) Such a system that make people understand the purpose and introduce and bring betterment by products and services is a solution set for all. Holy Quran is our one and only way that lead us knowledge and make us understand this world and universe and bring betterment in all walks of life and society and culture and all belongs to life here and hereafter being covered very well. all systems are fully and abstract way explained in Holy Quran. Miracles and signs for us and for the people who understand the Message of Creator. Peace, Patience, Prosperity, innovation.

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