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Thursday, November 8, 2012

People who seek

People who seek

Every creatures we see or cant see in this universe is purposeful and doing an assign job. Only and Only Human-being is allowed to decide and have power of choice and decision and selection and this is the reason its superior of creatures as he is the only who got soul. As all creatures have a purpose similarly humanbeing has a purpose and all his life its seems he is in search of it. Few find it quickly and few find it late and few remain in search all life. and this purpose seems to be linked with satisfaction. and many of human link there liked purpose to their satisfaction and stay lost in that satisfaction. only few of them reach the ultimate satisfaction that also comes from the Creator with realization of ALLAH and believe on HIM. as all knowledge and wisdom comes from ALLAH similarly this satisfaction and purposes are also blessed from ALLAH. People who seek it and have thirst and hunger for that path eventually get it as this blessing is for those who seek this path and seek it passionately and from core of their hearts as this is soothe of soul. as this body satisfaction lies in pleasures but still the real smoothness hidden in soul satisfaction. And that comes when you connect to God. with Faith and trust and deep enthusiasm and indulgence and repentance to ALLAH. will result a satisfaction called spiritual way of faith and a life our soul live. All praises to ALLAH , Most Merciful and Beneficient. The Only Creator of all creatures.

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