WHY we are Followers of things/matters Blindly

*WHY we are Followers of things/matters Blindly*

We should never be blind follower of people and societies and cultures.

Like Cloths, shoes, medicines, Vaccines, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, living styles, styles of living etc

There is so much we do without reason and say as this was done before people we follow it accordingly. Or something is shown on TV we have to follow that or last day i seen one of my friend doing this or wearing this so I should follow this.

Why we are so blind follower of people and things?
Have you seen this universe we are living in ?
Have you seen flowers they live for others and they do not follow other creatures. They have a unique beauty in their own ways.
A river live for others and river do never drink itself but water and cultivate the land passing through similarly all other creatures one after another live for others.

Is living like others is the all we want ?
Is being like other is our want and wish?
Is living for others is our want?
Is living and doing all for myself is our want?
Is our all thoughts and thinking live and die or revolve around all life around ME?
Why we do not raise questions?
Why we Fear people but do not the Creator of people?
Why we fear of getting answer by seeking for truth?
Why is a very first and last question.
Why for understanding is good but why for why is not good at all.
Why will take you to answer and answer lead you to understanding and understanding lead you contended heart and that will eventually lead you to soothe and satisfaction. As Truth is A single shoot that make us clear about anything and any matter. as truth is a way to satisfaction and comfort for long term. Why is very important as a matter of fact WHY is being removed from our cultures like why this things should be used or not or why women is being shown in all ADS? There are million of why in this wonderful universe but we never seek for them because we are not in seek of knowledge rather things. Even when it comes to things we have to question why this thing is this way or other and why we have to follow the people? A simple understanding is that we follow masses and majority but mostly majority of the majority is not aware of the reason of their followship.

When you start questioning you will find answer and with these answer you will unfold many truths never disclosed.

In process of learning very first step is observation and examination and question and seek answers.

When we keep silent or ignore or do not raise question we are indirectly suppressing our window of wisdom and let our self live in ignorance. For Instance our this moment and the very next should be different in aspect of learning. Things, wearing and eating and sharing all is part of life. but as an understanding how much you groom your soul or this personality you are blessed with, by Knowledge and educating this being you own with it and with passage of time when you are indulging your self with it, How much you share to people and with how much responsibility you do that. These questions and answers and observations and experience will open the close windows of mind and let us open new horizons and topics and issues never disclosed or enlighten to world.

As the arm of clock never kept ticking and moving and as the creatures and sun and moon and rivers and plants never stopped we being human being should never stopped our walk towards *Learning* and educating the very precious person we have and that is *ME*. Because your very first person you have to face all life is your own self. They day you will make your self an educated person with knowledge you will surely and No doubt you will open ears and eyes of people around with Will and Understanding and importance of Knowledge and Wisdom.
*Seek and Seek it with Purity and devotion and put the passion and indulge your soul in wisdom and write the pages of soul and your book with Knowledge.*


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